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2024 Newbie Program

The CTC New Triathlete Training Program is free with regular member dues  (join here!) and leads up to the Pleasant Prairie Sprint Distance Triathlon on June 23.  It's not too late to join the Program!


Interested in trying a triathlon? Our Newbie program is here to help! 

Our goal is to help give first-time triathletes the tools to become comfortable and start training to swim, bike and run your way through your first event. The program is a training plan, group workouts, series of basic clinics, mentoring, and meetings specifically designed to help first-time triathletes learn the basics of each discipline within triathlon, as well as a few advanced clinics to help more experienced triathletes tune their sport.

You’ll have a chance to form friendships with other CTC newbies and veteran members, all of whom will help make the experience of your first race more enjoyable. For those who have a few tris under their belt and are looking to go farther or faster, our goal is to give you direction on how to take your training and racing to the next level!

Program Overview

  • The Training Plan includes six workouts per week.  Four of these are group workouts (an outdoor group ride an indoor group virtual ride, and two group run) until June, when we will start group open water swims twice per week.
  • Each New Triathlete will receive an experienced Club member as a Triathlon Mentor, as well as access to a private group chat
  • Two in-person group meetings, once at the start of the program, and once at the midway point
  • A Practice Triathlon and Transition Clinic before the race
  • Race support at the June 23, 2024 Pleasant Prairie Sprint Triathlon, including a tent, rideshare, spare equipment, and post-race refreshments
  • Option to continue on to more and longer races later in the season, including the Door County Triathlon and the Chicago Triathlon.

Thank you to our Supporters!

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