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Standard Sponsors

Our Standard Sponsors provide CTC with more than just the basics. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to offer our members as much as we do! Our Standard sponsors are sometimes featured at our clinics, provide significant discounts of special offers for our members, and donate gifts for our events, including the annual Year-End Party.

Edge Athlete Lounge

Edge Athlete LoungeEdge Athlete Lounge is a revolutionary space where you can train, grab nutrition afterward, catch up with fellow athletes and correctly recover your ever-active body. We’re bringing the recovery tools that the pros use to the everyday athlete, fulfilling the void of what to do ‘after’ training and racing, ultimately creating healthier (and faster!) athletes.

Post-exercise athletes are faced with muscle fatigue, soreness, and inflammation that typically take 48 hours or more to leave the body…until now. Using EDGE tools, athletes can hit the reset button in 1 hour or less. What does that mean? Less risk for injury and up to 40% increased performance the next day of training. Now that’s Training Smarter!

CTC Members get 10% off all memberships and 25% off their first day pass at Edge. Visit them online at or in person at 1747 N Elston to learn more!

Element Multisport

Element Multisport is Chicago’s Premiere Triathlon headquarters. Created so that triathletes of every level would have a place to go for high quality gear, expert advice & topnotch customer service. If you haven’t checked us out yet, you owe yourself a visit. We provide everything you need for Swim, Bike and Run, the best products, expert bike service, professional bike fitting and much more.

With brands like Cervelo, BMC, Scott, Argon 18, Newton, Zipp, Profile Design, TYR , Zoot and Blue Seventy, numerous nutrition and hydration products, we have it all and much more. Whether you are enjoying triathlon for fitness and lifestyle or setting your sights on Kona, we exist to enhance your enjoyment and maximize your performance. Visit us or in our showroom at 2754 N Clybourn in Chicago (Costco Shopping Center).

CTC members receive 50% more points with purchases over non-member points.

Lincoln Square Massage

LSM LogoLincoln Square Massage is open 7 days a week, offering deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial and sports related massage as well as general Swedish style relaxation treatments.  By incorporating massage with exercise you decrease the amount of delayed muscle soreness thus reducing the chance of injury.  Range of motion is increased, pain is reduced and recovery from injuries is accelerated.

Located at 4757 N. Hermitage in Chicago.  CTC members receive a 15% discount on regular rates. CTC members also get the early bird discount of 20% off for booking before 2pm Monday through Friday.  For more info, please visit:


TRIFACTIVETRIFACTIVE, has the best sports injury (and performance) team in Chicago. We utilize the TRIFACTIVE Method, which was developed over several years of working with triathletes and other endurance sports participants.

We combine joint manipulation to activate proprioception (your brains awareness of body position), muscle therapy (lengthening tight, restricted muscles by breaking up adhesions), and therapeutic exercise (strengthening underactive and weak stabilizer muscles) in order to get faster results so that our clients get back to training in less time than PT or Chiropractic.

CTC members receive 10% off of treatment plans and unlimited 1-hour massages for $80 (regularly $90).

Thank you to our Sponsors!


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